How do I contact you?

The best way is through email.  My email is laura at corvidapps.com.  You can also chat at me through the app.  My alias is Laura.

How Secure is Game Data?
This app is intended for recreational purposes only, but is designed to prevent cheating.  All data is encrypted during transmission and stored on a secure server.   Only visible cards are transmitted to the device during game play.  The server verifies that the cards dealt are the cards that are played.

Generating perfect randomness is difficult for computers, but I use the best possible algorithms that are available for the resources I have.  Random number generators are given a seed, if you know the seed you can predict what numbers will be generated.  The algorithm I use to generate the seed is supposed to be completely impractical to discover (ie it would take so long to find it that it is essentially impossible).  The algorithm for shuffling I use is the best available given the computing power I have access to.  I periodically will go through and make sure that the hands that have been dealt recently are following the distributions that are statistically supposed to be seen.

I am getting a black screen or the app is running slow
Restarting an app can often resolve issues.
         -Double click home button
         -Long press the app icon
         -Click the minus sign
         -Click home
         -Click the icon on the home screen

         - From the home screen click on menu button
         - Select settings
         - Select Application manager, or Manage Applications
         - Click on OFC Poker from the list of Apps
         - Click the Force Stop button
         - Click Home Button
         - Click the OFC Poker app icon

I got a new phone/device and it is telling me I have to purchase features I have already paid for?
If you are getting this message hit the Restore button and it will restore past purchases. The only exception is if you are switching between Android/Apple, if that is the case you will have to repurchase the app and any desired add-on features.

How can I change my account information (Alias, Email, Location, Avatar)?
Send me an email (laura at corvidapps.com) and I will change it for you.

How do I turn off or change the settings on notifications?
       Go to the settings app on your home screen and select notifications.  Find OFC Poker and adjust the            settings there.
        Long press the notification and go to app info.  Uncheck "show notifications".

What does the message “Your purchase cannot be verified through Google Play.” mean?
To prevent pirating, Google Play’s licensing server is used.  The app verifies the purchase upon loading.  If you get this message, and have purchased the app please email me.

Why do you need my email address?
I will not sell, trade, or use your email address for marketing purposes at all.  The only reason your email is used is so that if you can receive a new password if you forget yours.  Your account is set up so that you can play your games on different devices.  Your email address helps keep your account consistent across multiple devices.  If you do not want to provide your email you can use a Guest Account to play.

What are the limitations of the Guest Account?
The Guest account is:
                - Not included in the overall leaderboards
                - Does not have an alias or avatar
                - Is not shown as an available opponent when users are browsing for new opponents
                - Not transferable to different devices. 

How do I refresh the lobby screen?
Pull down on the list and it will refresh.

How do I view past rounds?
There is a +/- button at the top of the screen, click that to toggle to past rounds.

What are the little numbers on the cards?
The little numbers tell you in what order the cards were dealt.

How do I delete a custom scoring?
Unfortunately there is no way to delete a custom scoring scenario at the moment, but if you create a new one and save it as the same name, you will overwrite the old one.  Alternatively you can uninstall and reinstall the app, but that will delete all your custom scoring scenarios.

What is Fantasy Land?
When you are in Fantasy Land you get to set all your cards at once, instead of waiting for them one at a time.  This gives you an extreme advantage over your opponent.
By default to enter Fantasy Land your top (worst) hand has to be Queens or better, but you can change the requirement through the settings.
If you get a really good hand in Fantasy Land you can stay and play the next round as well.  By default you have to have three of a kind in your top hand OR a full house or better in your middle hand OR four of a kind or better in your bottom hand, but these requirements can be changed in the settings.
If you are in Fantasy Land and you lose your opponent gets a “Punishment” bonus, where all there points are multiplied.  The default multiplier is 1, but can be changed in the settings.

What is a joker?
A joker can be added to the deck to be used as a wild card.  If you get dealt the joker, after you have set all the cards in your hand, the app will ask you what card you want the joker to be.  This feature comes with the purchase of the app, but is limited in that you can only play two games at a time.  Unlimited play can be purchased within the app (approximately $1 USD).

I haven't received the verification email
The message could be in a spam folder, check there.  Try logging in to the app, if it gives you a message that your account hasn't been confirmed, it will send the confirmation email again.  It may take up to 15 minutes before the email arrives.  If you don't receive the email you can always email me (laura at corvidapps.com) and I can confirm your account for you.  

I found a bug, what do I do?
Please email me (laura at corvidapps.com) or use the chat feature within the app (my alias is Laura) if you find a bug.  The more information you provide, the better.  Screenshots, details of the hand, the day and time you were playing, and what kind of device you have, are all useful pieces of information.

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